and 2013 begins

so i havent been keeping up with my blog. at all. but 2013 seems like a good time to start.

Its been a fun winter so far, and we having been making great turns and having a blast. A bunch of media and stories are sure to come out of it.

Until then here is an quick video my friend T J David put together highlighting last years ski adventures.


Disappointedly, I did not blog about my trip to Chile this summer. I was having too much fun! Below just about sums it up. Huge thanks to Tecnica Blizzard, Frank Shine, Marcus Caston, Keely Kelleher, Kyle Tayor, Matt Evans, Randy Evans, Sonja Lercher, Robin Mclroy, Rusty Perry and many other friends and family. Trip like this don’t happen without great people.

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Mt. Elbert

Last Saturday Ben, Wheels, Leandra and I set out to tackle Colorado’s highest peak.

Mt. Elbert.

Fun fact: It is also the 2nd tallest peak in North America.

We had heard that it is an easy summit so we set our for a nice leisurely day. And of course, we decide that taking the obscure Harder route would be much more entertaining.

It was brutal. Over 5,300 vertical and about 11 miles round trip later, our bodies were toast. The trail is called the “Black Cloud” trail head and you summit South Elbert(14,1something) before the actual summit. Even for you Mountain Goats out there that have heard Elbert is too easy, this route is a solid work out. Trust me.

The story of the day is my brother Ben. He was just several days out of Sea Level and in poor shape after a Summer Time of being condemned to inactivity(shoulder surgery). Anyways, the courage, mental strength and stubbornness he showed that day was very, very impressive. Nothing but willpower brought his weak mortal form to the summit. Good for you dude.

What a beautiful Place.

Mother’s Day Raft Trip

My mom loves water. When the idea came to go rafting for mother’s day we quickly contacted our friends over at Elk Mountain Expeditions and set up a trip. What better idea than to take your mom rafting with a bunch of your close friends!

EME is a young and energetic river guide company that takes fun seriously. They are professional, and extremely competent. Our trip down the Crystal River was just pure fun. This was my first trip down the Crystal, and I look forward to doing it again soon!

Huge thanks to Lange Adams, James Forester, and Delpho for making this trip happen. What a great way to enjoy life with you friends and family. Make sure to check out EME here.


Washington State

A couple weeks back my friend Eric Poore dragged me out to the Pacific North West for a little ski adventure. Eric, a Seattle Native, treated me like a distinguished dignitary and showed me around Seattle, Mt. Baker, Stevens Pass, and Crystal Mountain.

It was an amazing trip, based on exploring each of the Mountains as much as we could during the day. Super variable snow conditions kept us from charging bigger lines, but not from having tons of fun. Each day left us exhausted and smiling. What more do you need from a ski trip?

This was my first time skiing in Washington. It truly is an amazing place to ride with its striking mountains, dreamy terrain, and the wild moods. I can’t wait to return.

Huge thanks to Eric and his family for making this trip possible. Here is a little video of us touring around some of the North West’s finest.

song: “Breed” by Nirvana

Revelstoke Recap

You may have heard. It’s not really a secret any more. Revelstoke rules.

The place is big, really big, and it snows a TON.

First, I would like to thank my Family and Friends for making trips like this possible. Thank you, mom, dad, ben(sorta).

The real heroes of this trip were some transplant Americans Bill and Emily, and one cool Canadian named Sabina. These three amazing people made me feel right at home. They supported me in my contest, and then took me ski touring in some amazing Revelstoke Backcountry!

The amazing thing about Revelstoke is the access. If you want to, you can ski powder everyday. Some locals probably haven’t skied packed snow in a 100 years.

The following are some pictures of my Canadian friends and our ski adventures.

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Day 1 Run

After qualifying into the Main competition I ran 57th against the worlds best Freeskiers. I finished 29th.

It took place in the North Bowl of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Here is the POV cam.

I believe if i didn’t have a little stop after my first drop the Judges might have pushed me through to the Final day. Bummer.