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Snowbird Adventure

Blake, Benny and I showed up early for the Freeskiing World Championships and were met with some awesome powder. All three of us were essentially rookies to Snowbird’s famous terrain but looking for the soft stuff is always a fun adventure. Enjoy.

The song is “Seeing Red” from a Denver band called The Foot. They rule.

April 4th, 2011

There is really only one thing to do on April, 4th…

GO riding with my family and friends on Snowmass.
This year we had great powder and as usual, great people.

Quick synopsis of how this year’s 4/4 went down.

-Ben brought the wrong pair of skis and had to rent.(IDIOT)
-Everybody (Ben and I) was a little grumpy till we finally got some powder.
-I thought 2 Trees was a good idea.  2 Trees is never a “good” idea.
-Wheels received her “first legitimate face shot”.
-Everyone practiced dropping cliffs.
-Our cousin Alex stepped his game up.
-My mom is a little stingy with “high 5s”, and paying attention to me.
-We all went snowboarding at some point, because it rules.
-GoPro please make a camera that works on sunny days.

Here is the highlight video from that day.


Enchanted Taos

If you have never been to Taos, New Mexico, GO.

I went to Taos this year for the their Extreme competition. There was very little snow but the place was still amazing. The atmosphere, the people, and the terrain make Taos Ski Valley unlike anywhere in the world. It is a throwback, an example of what we all want ski areas to be, but will never be again. A little bit of the Swiss Alps captured in the Sangre De Christo magic. It is strangely wonderful.

If you go there, make sure you say hello to everyone and ski Kachina peak. Make sure you stay or eat at the St. Bernard.  Make sure you say hello to the French ski guru Jean Mayer and tell him that I sent you. Jean’s love of skiing is unlike anything I have ever seen. The guy had huge accidents this year breaking his back, leg, and ankle, and is 70+ years old! AND he still crawls out onto the bunny slope most days just to make a few turns! No thank you, but to him there is magic to skiing that I do not comprehend.

The contest was tough for me. I had a tough time with my strategy, line choices, and managing fear. However, I skied well enough to make it into final, which was a first and only this season. This meant I got to ski Kachina with only a handful of athletes. Kachina Peak is like the Highlands Bowl here in Aspen, but it has many more terrain features. It truly is an amazing piece of terrain.

Here is a quick run down Kachina.

Special thanks to my Family(weems and nancy for introducing me to the great people of Taos), Jean Maier and the St. Bernard, Taos Ski Valley, and my friends Joey Stokes(mens snowboard champ), Eric Angus, Rueben Sadowsky, Wheels, and Johnny “rotten” Rossman.