About me


bio and artist statement

I am triplet and am 26 years old. I was raised in Aspen, Colorado and have been attending the University of Colorado for the last five years. I am graduating with a bachelors of Environmental Design and am concentrating on architectural design. I hope to enter the design world and continue to ski competitively after I graduate.  My dream goal is to design and ski at the same time, taking time for both and completing design work while traveling for ski expeditions and competitions.

To me, Architecture is about balance. It is about finding the point where form encourages function and function encourages form; without compromising one or the other.

For me, skiing  is about enjoying the mountains and fellow riders. I believe that it can be an expression of oneself that exemplifies skill, courage, hard work, respect and knowledge. I hope to continue to ski competitively because I find it fulfilling measure of hard work. As a kid I always dreamed of skiing professionally, so I hope to oblige that kid.